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You all are rock stars

Thank you to all who attended JRock Connection this past weekend! Your energy and enthusiasm was contagious!

If you liked what you heard on stage, please check out our performing artists' sites and support independent music as well as JRock in America!

{mid:night} http://www.myspace.com/midnightband
Serafilia http://www.myspace.com/serafilia
lo:lita http://www.lolitatheband.com
ArtbeaT http://www.artbeat-music.com/
MARS http://sound.jp/marsgodofwar/
Karma Shenjing http://sound.jp/shenjing

For those of you that may have missed out on buying Karma Shenjing's exclusive CD and DVD that were sold at the con, we will be selling it through our official website shortly. These two items were produced especially for Karma's overseas fan base and cannot be bought anywhere else!

And, if you haven't already, add JRock Connection as one of your friends. http://www.myspace.com/jrockconnection We're already cooking up ideas for next year, so stay tuned!

Thank you again and hope to see you all next year!

- Cheryll
(Concert MC Person)
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