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How to rock at J-Rock Connection

Less than 4 days away till J-Rock Connection 2006! On top of being able to rock out at two awesome concerts this weekend, here's some other things to check out!

Exclusive HYDE and Acid Android footage provided by TOFU Records!
TOFU Records will host TWO full hours of Hyde and TWO hours of Acid Android videos in the video programming room on Saturday and Sunday beginning at 1PM. Check out their new videos and concert footage here first!

Exclusive first-releases by JRC artists!
Karma Shenjing, ArtbeaT and MARS will all be releasing newly recorded material... some which is exclusive to our event! Don't miss out on your chance to be the first to own it!

Japanese Street Style Fashion Show
Check out what local designers are cooking up in the realm of Japanese street style!

Panels! Panels! Panels!
Everything from Visual Kei make-up to Q&A sessions with the artists of JRC!

Open Mic Karaoke
It's your time to shine on the microphone, are you ready?

Spend your money!
A perfect chance to start holiday shopping (or just shopping for yourself) in our Dealer Room that will carry everything from lolita fashion to music to anime goods!

Iron Visual Competition
Think you got what it takes to whip up a visual kei-esque outfit out of found materials in an hour? We're looking for three teams of three to compete in our first Iron Visual competition! More details can be found at this forum post.

Maid Cafe
Take some time out and relax while JRC's own Maid Cafe serves you treats and beverages!

Connection SNAP!
Come dressed to impress and get your photo taken by ZiggyB for our first "Street" Snaps gallery!

Don't miss out! Hope to see you there! J-Rock Connection is THIS WEEKEND! http://www.j-rock.info
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