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Jrock Connection

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Official Announcement [27 Aug 2007|08:32am]

Hello guys. I know you've all been patiently waiting for JRC and getting info on it. JRC will be pushed back till 2008.

Reasoning being that a lot has happened in this past year, and JRC got caught up in doing a bunch of things for this year, that everything has to be replanned out again to adjust to the new ideas and plans for the next year.

All who have registered previously will still be registered with the convention with a special bonus.

Also, for those still interested in Karma Shenjing's cd and dvd, we still have those as well. Don't worry, you will see them again at many other places. ^^ We are helping get them out there so let us know if you want to see them at a con near you!
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jrock con 2007? [26 Aug 2007|10:15pm]

so what's the deal? is there gonna be a jrock con this year or what? i want to see karma shenjing again!! ;A;
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[29 Nov 2006|05:49pm]

[ mood | happy ]


I want to thank each and everyone one of you from the bottom of my heart! It makes me really happy that many of you that had attend last year had come back again and still want to come back for next year!!

As the convention gets older, we will try to make it even greater by taking in all your ideas and suggestions to making it even better in 2007! We'd like to have more events, more excitement, and more crazy wild JRock fans like all of you! The staff works extra hard for all of you! So thank them please, especially our translators, if it wasn't for them, we'd be lost~!

Your excitement at our two concerts was fabulous! I will not forget how active and wild all of you are! All those that screamed, headbanged, jumped, danced, whatever, you are what makes these bands and us happy! Don't forget to thank those 6 fantstic bands for all their hardwork to get out here and rock out! Karma Shenjing, ArtBeat, Mars, Serafilia, lo:lita, and {mid:night} thanks for everything!

I want next year to be even better so make sure to send me your comments alright? Post them up especially on the forum! I always go there to look to see what you guys have in mind!

Bring more friends, more family, and everyone for next year! We need your help to make it the best. So let's keep at it! Remember you don't want to get JCON'D!!!

I send you all my love and thanks! Please take care of yourselves till we meet again! We will be promoting at a con near you!

You can also e-mail me at: yamiko@gmail.com if you have ANY questions.

Which reminds me... Did all of you get your Karma Shenjing CDs and DVDs? If not, you can buy one from us! Karma has allowed us to sell their CDs and DVDs to all their fans that didn't get to come!

CDs are $10 + $5 for shipping and DVDs are $20 + $5 for shipping. Please let me know if you want one! I know they will be happy that they can sell out of these cds!

And once again I love you all and I hope to see you next year!!!

Till then, don't get JCON'D!


Denise Tan aka Yami

(This was also posted in the forum's Official Announcments~)

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You all are rock stars [27 Nov 2006|06:49pm]

Thank you to all who attended JRock Connection this past weekend! Your energy and enthusiasm was contagious!

If you liked what you heard on stage, please check out our performing artists' sites and support independent music as well as JRock in America!

{mid:night} http://www.myspace.com/midnightband
Serafilia http://www.myspace.com/serafilia
lo:lita http://www.lolitatheband.com
ArtbeaT http://www.artbeat-music.com/
MARS http://sound.jp/marsgodofwar/
Karma Shenjing http://sound.jp/shenjing

For those of you that may have missed out on buying Karma Shenjing's exclusive CD and DVD that were sold at the con, we will be selling it through our official website shortly. These two items were produced especially for Karma's overseas fan base and cannot be bought anywhere else!

And, if you haven't already, add JRock Connection as one of your friends. http://www.myspace.com/jrockconnection We're already cooking up ideas for next year, so stay tuned!

Thank you again and hope to see you all next year!

- Cheryll
(Concert MC Person)
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How to rock at J-Rock Connection [20 Nov 2006|11:28pm]

Less than 4 days away till J-Rock Connection 2006! On top of being able to rock out at two awesome concerts this weekend, here's some other things to check out!

Exclusive HYDE and Acid Android footage provided by TOFU Records!
TOFU Records will host TWO full hours of Hyde and TWO hours of Acid Android videos in the video programming room on Saturday and Sunday beginning at 1PM. Check out their new videos and concert footage here first!

Exclusive first-releases by JRC artists!
Karma Shenjing, ArtbeaT and MARS will all be releasing newly recorded material... some which is exclusive to our event! Don't miss out on your chance to be the first to own it!

Japanese Street Style Fashion Show
Check out what local designers are cooking up in the realm of Japanese street style!

Panels! Panels! Panels!
Everything from Visual Kei make-up to Q&A sessions with the artists of JRC!

Open Mic Karaoke
It's your time to shine on the microphone, are you ready?

Spend your money!
A perfect chance to start holiday shopping (or just shopping for yourself) in our Dealer Room that will carry everything from lolita fashion to music to anime goods!

Iron Visual Competition
Think you got what it takes to whip up a visual kei-esque outfit out of found materials in an hour? We're looking for three teams of three to compete in our first Iron Visual competition! More details can be found at this forum post.

Maid Cafe
Take some time out and relax while JRC's own Maid Cafe serves you treats and beverages!

Connection SNAP!
Come dressed to impress and get your photo taken by ZiggyB for our first "Street" Snaps gallery!

Don't miss out! Hope to see you there! J-Rock Connection is THIS WEEKEND! http://www.j-rock.info
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Another Karma Shenjing Release at JRC! [12 Nov 2006|08:39pm]

Another USA exclusive for J-Rock Connection attendees!

15 songs / 67 minutes

This is a NEW version of their first full-length album that was originally released in late 2005. If you purchased the first press of RUTEN RINNE, this version contains some extras that aren't on there like remixes of Koi Saiyuki, Rinne and an unplugged version of Rinne as well!
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Karma Shenjing DVD Release at J-Rock Connection! [10 Nov 2006|11:28pm]

Karma Shenjing announced on their official site that they would be releasing their first DVD at JRC this year!

封印-The Seal of Reincarnation-

Pretty awesome, if you ask me. Be sure to save some money to purchase this at JRC!
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Bassist in the Los Angeles Area? [08 Nov 2006|02:08pm]

My band, L2D is currently looking to relieve our vocalist of his current role as bassist so he can focus more on singing and I can have a bassist that I can talk to during the shows :) We're a really great group of guys in that we all get along really well, are extremely dedicated to J-Rock and capturing the J-Rock sound and audience. I have a lockout in West Los Angeles and we practice 2-3 times a week. I have great contacts for booking gigs at prime spots in Hollywood. We've got a gig coming up at the MINT in January and if we find a suitable bassist we'll start booking more right away. If you or someone you know has always wanted to be a J-Rock bassist in a band that loves cos-play then you need to talk to me. Check out our website and mine when you can and see if you want to audition. I am also a very respected bassist for J-Rock in Los Angeles and I have many years of experience. I am also more than willing to help someone learn L'arc songs, Gackt, whatever floats your boat given that you have the time, patience, and decent gear. This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to do something with their talents.

See you at the CON!
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[05 Nov 2006|09:00pm]

Howdy~ Sorry if this sounds kinda stupid. Okay, I'm here on the behalf of a friend who would like to do karaoke at the con. But we've heard that last year it was controlled by ipods and the sort.

How is this year's karaoke going to be operated? Does she need to bring a cd or what? Will lyrics be provided?
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Important notice [28 Sep 2006|04:21pm]

[ mood | cold ]

If you think you are NOT recieving any e-mails about the confirmation of your payment, you probably are and don't know it.

JRock Con Registration Team's e-mail is: jrockreg @ gmail.com <-- (ignore the spaes) if you have been recieving an e-mail from this address then you are getting a confirmation e-mail. So please check if it's going to yer junk mail, block address etc. you can e-mail them to inquire about reg confirmations.

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[21 Sep 2006|07:17pm]

[ mood | productive ]

We have three new bands added to our lineup!!!!!

They are...


You can find more info on each band at their websites:




We hope you will enjoy their music at the con~!

THAT'S 7 BANDS!!! Don't forget to pre-register as well. It's a bigger advantage to you money wise, cause you can keep saving up for just stuff to buy at the con. =3

See you there! More posts to come!
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Panels? [20 Sep 2006|08:29pm]

Maybe I'm stupid, or i'm just not looking well enough...
But will there be panels this J-con, and if there will be, where do I go to submit one?

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Art Contest? [11 Sep 2006|02:35pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

what is taking sooooooo long to update the art contest?????

I come on the computer once a week for the past month and still nobody has claimed the first prize yet. BTW on the site it say's (or it has been on there since Aug.19...)"Prizes will be announced later this week. (We're still debating what fantastic prize we can give for all the hard work. ^^)"

I don't know about the other's who have submitted and have been waiting, IM GETTING VERY IMPATIENT! Who's picking the winner's anyway? anybody know? Sorry if I'm being a brat, but seriously. This is taking way too long.
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Pre-Reg List Is Up. [09 Sep 2006|11:51am]

[ mood | annoyed w/ neighbor ]

Well if you go to the website, and go to events then click registration, then go to participants, you'll see a list of all those that have paid!

That was a tough thing to do XP Trust me!!! Now if there is a problem, such as not seeing your name it could be one of three reasons:
1. You didn't pay for your registration yet.
2. You didn't register with on the site.
3. You put a different name when you registered on the site from what you have on your pre-registration form so your name couldn't be found.

You can e-mail me for any questions and issues at: yamiko@gmail.com

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[31 Aug 2006|05:18pm]

[ mood | impressed ]

Shinsaibashi Bahama

This is a report of Karma-Shenjing's first and final oneman before a pause in activity. I thought some people on this community might be interested in reading it, but I'm snipping it so people on my FL don't get it twice.

The band have updated their website with the US live as the only upcoming event, so people who can make it there are very lucky!

Read more...Collapse )

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CRAP~! [28 Aug 2006|08:16pm]

[ mood | legs hurting @_@ so I hurt ]

I'm so sorry guys!!! Iw as totally outta commision today since I got out of class so I didn't get a chance to post up the winners x.X (We still have to round up guest art winner stuffu.)

I'm so sorry x.X I will get them up I promise.

(Also, if you think I just making stuffu up, I'm not. I had trouble walking today, cause it resulted in shin splints. x.X They hurt alot. So I had to rest with ice to stop the pain so that ment no getting to the comp x.X Sowwie.)

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out of curiousity [24 Aug 2006|01:58pm]

[ mood | complacent ]

When will the results from the art contest be available?

Oh, and I love the new website, btw. :)

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Camino [21 Aug 2006|07:57pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hey, awhile back I saw a post on here about Camino being one of the musical guests at the con. I wanted to know if they're still going to be there or not, because I'd like to know before I decide to go since they'd be the main reason I'd attend. Thanks.

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JC Special [05 Aug 2006|01:45am]

[ mood | amused ]

If you are attending animeod n haven't regged yet, come find Jrock Con's booth! we will be having a special on registration!!! That is if u register with us while we are there! So look for us!! We're right next to Eigomanga!

oh n the special deal is that we'll take off $5 from the current reg price ($40) for the event.

So if u attend n need to reg, come find us. even jsut come find us, we like talking to people! =3

Look for the girls dressed as Alice n the Cheshire Cat!

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BAND ANNOUNCEMENT [01 Aug 2006|11:35am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Heeey~ Hiku here from Guest Relations! Just confirmed another J-Rock band for this year's convention!


They're an American J-Rock band~ Their lead singer is American while the other two members are Japanese.

Their members include:

Jovette Rivera - songwriter/producer/vocalist
Xion - vocalist/lyricist
Kai - guitarist

Check out their official website HERE

Check out their myspace HERE

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